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All of your grades. None of the hassle.

Introducing SimpleGrades by Anchron, a new iOS1 app designed to show your grades in the quickest, simplest, and most beautiful way possible2. Check your current grades at a glance with Classes. Quickly know how you did on your latest test with Assignments. Plan homework assignments and upcoming tests using Planner. And you can do it all without having to open Safari— no more annoying websites or repeated sign-ins.


Plan everything. Forget nothing.

Let's face it, paper planners are a hassle. They're seemingly too thick to find the date quickly, but too small to write your assignments in. What's worse, these hassles often make you ditch your planner for good, leaving you to forget important assignments and due dates. With SimpleGrades, paper planners are a thing of the past. SimpleGrades' planner connects with your schedule and never runs out of space— you'll never need to flip again.
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Finals Calculator. Finally.

Find out what grade you need on your final exam. Just put in your desired grade. SimpleGrades automatically fills in the rest.

Know what's due tomorrow. Today.

Get notified when important dates are coming up when you add assignments, projects, events, and assessments to Planner.

Colors. Coordinated.

Choose the perfect color for each course category from a curated palette. The colors you pick show up in your Classes, Schedule, and Planner.

Not just for kids.

SimpleGrades is built for both parents and students. Parents can quickly switch between students without having to sign in each time.

  1. SimpleGrades for Android™ is planned for the future.
  2. SimpleGrades is not endorsed or sponsored by CUSD 303.

Features are subject to change. Integration with schools outside CUSD 303 is not currently supported.

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